Career Opportunities

Asian University for Women (AUW) seeks to graduate women who will be skilled and innovative professionals, service-oriented leaders in the businesses and communities in which they will work and live, and promoters of intercultural understanding and sustainable human and economic development in Asia and throughout the world.

To achieve our mission of developing the next generation of leaders, we aim to recruit global changemakers and professionals who share our values for empowering women through higher education. We seek talented dynamic professionals and passionate people to join our team. Working at AUW means being part of a diverse community who are united by a shared commitment to positive social change.

RFP and Tender Notice

RFP and Tender Notice

RFP for Construction of Boundary wall / Column construction work at Asian University for Women Arefin Nagar

RFP for Microplate Spectrophotometer (with Cuvette and Microdrop plate)

RFP for Blind and frosted paper with fitting and fixing at Sun Valley

RFP for Minibus and Cover Van for AUW

RFP for Request for Quotations of Books for AUW

RFP for Bedding items for AUW (Retender)

RFP for projector and related Items for AUW

RFP for Kitchen Equipment of AUW

RFP for Construction of Embankment and road at the west point with slope protection & drainage arrangement at Asian University for Women Arefin Nagar

RFP for Bedding Items for Asian University for Women

RFP for Notice for Sale of Old/Used Vehicles

RFP for Load Extension of Main Campus

RFP for IT Data Center items Sun Valley

RFP for access switch and Mikrotik for Sun valley

RFP for Mattress for Continental building 1 & 2

RFP for IT items Continental Building 2

RFP for Sun Valley (AUW) IT Network Infrastructure Items

RFP for IT items for the Thames Tower

RFP for Furniture, Electrical, Electronics, kitchen and bedding items for Asian University for Women premises (Sun Valley, Thames Tower)

RFP for Classroom Furniture for Asian University for Women (Sun Valley project Phase 1)

RFP for Wall Partition

RFP for CCTV Camera and Pole Installation at AUW Arefin Nagar

RFP for Brick Boundary Wall

RFP for Furniture items

RFP for Server 

RFEOI for Architectural Design and Consultancy

RFP for Kitchen Equipment

RFP for Basketball Court

RFP for Electric and Plumbing items

RFP for Prospective Bidders for Cafeteria Space

RFP for Topographic Survey

RFP for Bedding Items

RFP for Interactive Flat Panel and Logitech

RFP for Painting Work

RFP for Travel and Ticketing Services

RFP for Laundry Services

RFP for Cleaning Services

RFP for Security Services

RFP for Fire Insurance

RFP for Painting Work, Door Repair Work, and Water Heater

RFP for Dormitory Design and Repair Items

RFP for Bedding and Study Room Items

RFP for Electronic Equipment

RFP for Bathroom fitting and fixing items

RFP for Health Insurance Policies 

RFP for Lift Maintenance and Servicing

RFP for Operational IT Equipment

RFP for AbbVie IT Equipment

RFP for IKEA IT Equipment

RFP for OSF IT Equipment

Tender Notice – Cloud Based University Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System