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AUW is a community of change-makers who intend to use their expertise for global good. Our students are courageous, are empathetic, and have a sense of outrage at injustice. We seek students who exhibit extraordinary talent and leadership potential to join this passionate community.

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Scholarships are available for Grades 6-8

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Sharmin has made a commitment to changing the lives of those around her – particularly women. She works as National Programme Officer in the Livelihoods and Social Cohesion unit under the International Organization for Migration-IOM (United Nations). She works in Cox’s Bazar for Rohingya Refugees and for Bangladeshi host community members, particularly for women, adolescent girls, and persons with disability. Previously she has worked as a Program Assistant on Sexual and Gender based Violence under United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Her work continues the theme of leadership that Sharmin developed at AUW, as President of Model United Nations, Vice President of the Student Government, and a member of the Speak Up Against Violence Against Women organization. She conducted thesis research on intimate partner violence in her home region of Noakhali, where some of her neighbors originally scorned her intention to pursue a bachelor’s degree at an international university.

D. Hrüzüni is the daughter of a subsistence farmer in Nagaland, a remote and mountainous region of India. As Christians, indigenous peoples, and English speakers, most Nagas hold a minority status in India and face many challenges accessing economic opportunities and quality healthcare and schooling as a result. As one of the first Naga women to attend AUW, D. Hrüzüni hopes to become a future leader of Nagaland and conquer these issues head on.

“Coming to AUW is like taking a turn from an alley onto a highway,” says Tien. For Tien, this comparison is more than an analogy— she came from a rural village in Vietnam, where her father is a taxi driver and her mother is a textile worker, to the bustling atmosphere of Chittagong and AUW Lane. From the minute Tien entered AUW, she hit the ground running. She majored in Economics and founded the AUW Media Club on campus to bring students’ stories to life. In her third year at AUW, Tien also completed an internship with L’Oreal in Paris, and began working full-time in L’Oreal’s Vietnam office after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Academic Programs Does AUW Offer, and What is the Duration of Study at AUW?

AUW offers three distinct but integrated academic programs.

  1. An undergraduate program in the liberal arts and sciences with majors in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology; Computer Science, Economics; Environmental Sciences; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; and Public Health.
  1. Pathways for Promise: an intensive one-year English language program where students gain the academic competencies to succeed in AUW’s English-language curriculum. This preparatory program was initiated in 2016 to extend AUW’s reach into particularly marginalized populations.
  1. Access Academy: A foundation year of courses focused on English communication skills, critical thinking, and strategies for life-long learning. Students take courses in Language and Composition, Reading across Disciplines, World Civilizations, Geography, Computer Literacy, Calculus, Leadership Seminars and Karate. These courses prepare students to succeed in AUW’s rigorous liberal arts and sciences undergraduate program.

An AUW student enters directly into the undergraduate program or through either of the preparatory programs. A student entering through Pathways for Promise ordinarily requires five years to graduate. Those entering through Access Academy require four years of study. Those entering directly into the undergraduate program complete course requirements in three academic years plus two summers of course work.

Does AUW Provide Scholarship Support?

AUW always adheres to “need blind” admissions practices. AUW seeks to attract women who show high potential, leadership qualities and strong motivation regardless of their economic background.  The majority of the women currently enrolled are on full scholarship although a small number of students are paying a partial fee.