After graduating with a degree in Biology from AUW, I returned to my community in Nepal. Unable to comply with the discriminatory and patriarchal norms there, I instinctively chose to work for social reformation. I am leading a partnership project between AUW and Nepal Jesuit Social Institute to recruit 15 girls from high trafficking-prone regions of Nepal to study at AUW through Pathways for Promise.

— Christina Tamang | Nepal | Class of 2017

When a woman is educated, it is not only an individual that feels the results. Families, villages, and nations are positively affected by a woman’s education and the choices she makes because of that opportunity.

Since 2008, we have provided exceptional higher education to almost 2,000 current students and alumnae. Like Christina, 75 percent of graduates return to their home countries to make visible impact in their communities. The other 25 percent are empowered to continue their education at internationally-recognized graduate schools. Wherever they are, AUW graduates can be found at the forefront of change in their communities.

To achieve change, women must be given a chance. We know that extraordinary talent can be found in even the most marginalized of communities. Asian University for Women especially recruits from refugee camps, tea plantations, garments factories, conflict-affected countries such as Yemen and Syria, and indigenous mountain communities through a program called Pathways for Promise. Education is their first step toward a future of leadership and impact.

You can contribute to the ripple effects of women’s education. Join us in this mission of education and empowerment by donating to a student’s scholarship today. Your contribution to tuition, school supplies, academic facilities, or program costs allows us to continue providing excellent higher education to women who would otherwise not be able to access such a transformative opportunity. AUW’s support comes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and elsewhere around the globe. Wherever you are, you can set women’s lives in motion by donating to AUW.

As Christina says:

Everybody has mantras of equality at the tip of their tongue, but not necessarily in their head, heart and hands. If people dare to transform from within, I believe social reformation and equality are inevitable. Together, we can create a just society.

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