Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Safety and Security on AUW Campus

As a residential facility for hundreds of students, faculty and staff, half of whom are international, AUW takes specific measures to ensure safety and security. The University remains in regular contact with the Chittagong Metropolitan Police and other branches of the security agencies in Bangladesh. The University currently remains in touch with the local government as well as the Dhaka offices and Bangladesh Police for security updates and in the case of emergency.

The AUW campus is located in a central commercial area of Chittagong. The academic premises and residential buildings for the students are entirely enclosed, and there is no public access to the AUW premises. All buildings are under camera surveillance, with a 24-hour security service at the gate. Only AUW vehicles are allowed to enter the campus, after being checked with a glass detector by the security guards.

The campus is also closed for external visitors, who are allowed to enter only if their AUW host is there to meet them in person. AUW staff and students are required to sign in by finger-print identification when they enter the campus.

Faculty and Staff Residential Facilities

Foreign faculty and staff reside in two separate buildings which are rented by AUW entirely and exclusively for this purpose. There are no external agents or families living in these facilities. The security measures are the same as the AUW campus.

Transportation Arrangements

AUW provides transportation to foreign faculty, staff and students to and from the airport (on arrival and as required by their work or study assignment). There is a daily shuttle transport to and from the Faculty and Staff Residential Facilities. Generally, AUW does not advise foreign faculty and staff to leave the AUW premises on their own.

Evening Hours and Student Count

AUW closes campus after 20:00 and students who wish to remain outside after this hour are required to fill in a request form and register with the Residential Life Staff. Absence from campus after 20:00 is allowed only once per week, unless special circumstances apply.

After 22:00, the Residential Assistants on campus conduct a personal check on every floor of the student residential facilities and report to the Reslife Officer on duty that students are accounted for.