Academic Support & Resources

Academic Support & Resources

AUW provides a range of academic support and resources to help students in their path from being confident learners to becoming successful graduates.

Academic Resources


Through its print and digital collections, the AUW Library fosters meaningful learning, teaching, and research among students and faculty. The library has more than 27,000 books; 1,500 DVDs; 700 music and educational CDs; and a range of newspapers and magazines with full access to more than 32,000 online journals through research platforms such as HINARI, JSTOR, and EBSCOhost. Among the library’s special collections is a series of religious texts including the Bhagavad Gita (Hinduism), Bible (Christianity), Quran (Islam), and Torah (Judaism) to foster interfaith dialogue and tolerance.

For detailed information about the AUW Library, including its hours of operation, upcoming events, staff, and a full listing of its print and digital resources, please visit the AUW Library webpage.

Computer Lab / IT

AUW strives to ensure that all students, graduates, faculty, and staff have the technology resources they need to succeed academically and professionally. To this end, AUW provides full access to computers and printers, 24/7 Wi Fi connectivity, audio and visual equipment, antivirus protection, and IT support. If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to computers or IT at AUW, please contact the IT Department at 88-01755645387.

IT Department Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 – 17:30
Friday – Saturday: 9:00 – 17:00 (On Call at: 88-01755645387 or Email at

Head of IT:

Md. Ataul Islam

Tel: + 88 031 2854980-87 Ext. 119
Cell Phone: +88-01755645387
Fax: + 88 031 2854988

Writing Center

The Writing Center (WC) seeks to make better writers, not just better writing. By improving students’ writing ability across the curriculum, the WC works to advance students’ critical thinking skills and self-sufficiency as writers through individualized advising; workshops; in-class presentations; and access to various resources including dictionaries, citation guides, and writer’s handbooks.

The WC is staffed by tutors who have been trained to work with writers of all levels, emphasizing second language learning skills. Tutors provide students with the grammar and proofreading skills that will allow them to succeed independently as writers.

For detailed information about the Writing Center , please review the AUW Academic Bulletin or visit the Writing Center webpage. To book an appointment with a tutor click here.

Meet the Writing Center team!

Science & Math Center

The Science & Math Center (SMC) offers supplementary support to students in their science and mathematics coursework. The SMC strives to help students:

Achieve a better understanding of basic scientific, mathematical, and statistical concepts;

Enhance their quantitative reasoning and literacy skills;

Draw connections among science, mathematics, and upper-level application courses; and

Develop confidence and soft skills that can be used in the classroom and the workplace.

Peer Tutoring

Students who need additional support with their coursework may request a peer tutor through their course instructor. The course instructor will work with the Office of Student Affairs to engage a suitable peer tutor.

Academic Advising

All students at AUW receive academic advising support throughout their course of study. Students work together with their advisers to plan carefully and thoughtfully their schedules and curricula. Students are required to meet formally with the Academic Registrar and their adviser prior to course registration in any given term.

For detailed information about academic advising at AUW, please review the AUW Academic Bulletin.

Center for Teaching & Scholarship

The Center for Teaching and Scholarship (CTS) was established to foster academic excellence and support among faculty to develop their pedagogy and scholarship. CTS organizes informational events, academic exchanges, training opportunities, and workshops for AUW faculty and circulates news about faculty achievements to the rest of the AUW community. CTS also offers counsel on potential funding opportunities and grant writing techniques for faculty research.

While most CTS programs are tailored to AUW faculty, the Center is expanding its work to provide learning opportunities for educators and other professionals in the government, business, and not-for profit sectors of Asia. Offerings include short courses and certificate programs on topics such as English, TEFOL, biostatistics, and mobile app development. These courses are taught by AUW faculty during their breaks and on the weekends, or in collaboration with other institutions.

If you have questions about CTS or wish to explore an academic partnership with AUW, please contact us at

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