Our Traditions


Movies and Treats at Cinematella Café

Need a break from the library or dining hall? Want to catch the latest film from Bollywood or Hollywood? Cinematella Café offers students a fun, fresh, and light dining experience in a comfortable atmosphere where movies are played 24/7. The Cinematella Café also has a variety of affordable food and beverages to choose from, including pastries, coffee drinks, and pasta. The Cinematella Café is a campus favorite for students, faculty, and staff alike!

Midnight Breakfast

At midnight on the first night of the study break before finals, faculty members prepare a delicious breakfast for all the students. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, fruit, and juice are served to encourage students during their busy study period. Live music and singing by students and faculty add to the cheerful atmosphere and provide a respite from all the studying.

Senior Spirit Week

Senior Spirit Week is an initiative taken by AUW’s graduating class to celebrate their final year at AUW. Students enjoy organizing a series of events throughout the week. In the past, these events have included a class trip Cox’s Bazaar and St. Martin’s Island, face painting, karaoke, a DJ dance party, and a campus-wide cultural show where students wear their traditional clothes and perform traditional dances.

T.A.L.E. Talks

What is T.A.L.E.? Short for “Thursday Afternoon Learning Extravaganza,” T.A.L.E. is a weekly platform for guest speakers to share with the AUW community their personal perspectives on work and life. Speakers share their struggles, successes, silly blunders, and epiphanies. After each T.A.L.E. talk, AUW students leave inspired, pondering different paths one can take to achieve their dreams and discover their full potential. Past T.A.L.E. talks have included: Jafar Alam, Bangladesh’s First Surfer; A Tale of Two Struggles: Gaza and the Chittagong Hill Tracts; and personal reflections from AUW Support Foundation Director and Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Japan, Kathy Matsui.

AUW House System

AUW still offers you the chance to be part of a dynamic House System where a healthy dose of inter-House competition and intra-House camaraderie makes the AUW living experience unlike anything else in the region. Named for the guiding ideals of an AUW education and life beyond our campus, the Houses were named by our first cohort of AUW students, who laid the foundation for future generations of women to chase their dreams and realize their potential at AUW. The seven Residence Halls are named Wisdom, Truth, Justice, Courage, Imagination, Service and Joy.