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MA in Education
AUW is proud to announce that it is now offering a comprehensive, two-year graduate program in Master of Arts in Education (MA in Education).

Applications for the January 2025 intake are now OPEN!

To enrol in the upcoming intake, please apply through the application portal:

Along with your completed application form, the following are the requirements to apply:

Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree (minimum 3 years with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00) in any academic discipline or should be at least in their final year of study at the time of the application.


Statement of Purpose: Within 500 words (approximately 4000 characters) Please mention how and why you think this graduate program in Education fits with your future goals, as well as why you have chosen this program over other education programs and why you feel you would be a good fit for this program.


Essay: To assess your critical thinking and writing skills, we expect you to write a comprehensive essay based on the prompts given on the application portal. Within 500–700 words, demonstrate your passion for the education field, writing skills and analytical problem-solving abilities.


Letters of Recommendation: As part of the application process, you have to submit at least two letters of recommendation from your professor and/or work supervisor. Please note that one of the recommendations must be academic, and another one can be professional. Academic recommendation letters are highly encouraged. Once you provide details about your referees on the portal, your respective referees will receive a link via email to submit the letters on your behalf. The recommendation letters must be submitted by the deadline for the application.


Proof of English Proficiency: As part of the application, you must submit proof of your English language proficiency to the university to assess your ability to keep up with graduate-level coursework. Applicants may submit documentation showing any of the following:

1. IELTS Score of a minimum of 6.5 (result must not be older than two years).

2. TOEFL Score of a minimum of 86 (Internet-based; not older than two years at the time of application).

3. In the absence of the above language proficiency certificate, the institution will require shortlisted candidates to take an in-house English Language Testing exam to qualify.

Merit-based scholarships and financial aid are available. For further information about the program curriculum, tuition fees and scholarships/financial aid, please see the attachments below.For any queries related to admissions and scholarships, feel free to write to

Applicants requiring assistance in filling out the application or who want to discuss related concerns can book an appointment here.

Please keep an eye on our website and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and announcements.

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MA in Education- Program Curriculum & Description

MS in Apparel and Retail Management
Roshini e Omid: Empowering Afghan Girls Through Education

Roshini e Omid is an initiative taken by AUW’s MA in Education program to provide Afghan girls who have been out of school for several years with the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for future academic pursuits, particularly at AUW. Through this initiative, we aim to rekindle hope and aspiration among many Afghan girls, inspiring them to pursue their dreams despite the challenges posed by the current political situation.

In 2021, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan led to a devastating ban on women’s education, leaving countless girls without access to formal schooling and a sense of purpose. To address this critical situation, we initiated the Roshini e Omid program. The program began by focusing on the Kandahar region, carefully selecting 60 girls, primarily in grades 11 and 12. Some of the students were automatically promoted to these grades, despite having no official education for the past two years due to COVID-19 and the ban on women’s education. The girls were grouped into different categories, and each category had MA in Education students serving as instructors for different subjects.

The program spans a duration of three months and adheres to Afghanistan’s national curriculum encompassing subjects such as English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Biology, and Islamic studies. To equip the girls with essential skills, we also provide classes in ICT and English writing. In order to facilitate the successful completion of their classes, AUW has supplied the girls in Afghanistan with a wide range of technological equipment and additional support. Our students from MA in Education teach subjects based on their interests and expertise. With the exception of English, all subjects are taught in Dari/Persian. The goal is to support the girls in making significant academic progress. Upon successful completion of mid-term and final exams, they receive certificates that mark their achievements.

We take immense pride in the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by both our Roshni e Omid students and our MA in Education students. Our MA students have skillfully guided the learning process, drawing upon the strategies and expertise gained through their own educational experiences at AUW. Prior to their program enrollment, our students participated in comprehensive orientation sessions, ensuring their adeptness with the various online learning tools at their disposal.

Since 2023, within a year, this program has received approximately 1,000 applications from Afghan girls. Looking ahead, we aim to sustain the program’s success by preparing current students for future AUW applications, necessitating additional support. As some MA in Education students complete their internships, we may require additional educators to continue this vital work. The Roshini e Omid program has made a promising start, offering Afghan girls deprived of formal education the opportunity to reconnect with learning. Our structured curriculum, dedicated teachers, and technological support have contributed to its success, and we are committed to expanding its impact in the future.

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Applications for the January 2025 are now OPEN!