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Masters Programs

Master of Arts in Education

AUW is proud to announce that it is now offering a comprehensive, two-year graduate program in Master of Arts in Education.

Applications for the January 2024 intake are now closed. If you wish to enroll in the upcoming intake, please keep an eye on our website and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates and announcements.

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Application Deadline: Closed for January 2024 intake 

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This program forms the foundation of AUW’s new Women Teaching Women, Women Learning from Women (WTW-WLW) initiative designed to help grow a new network of secondary schools for young women and girls across many refugee shelters and displaced communities. In partnership with several universities from the United States and United Kingdom, the overarching theme of this program is to foster a deep sense of community development through student-led initiatives, group discussions and social events. It focuses on enhancing leadership, administrative and policy competence as well as an understanding of the philosophy, dynamics and economics of effective education provision.

Graduates of this new program will be in a position to effectively apply new skill-sets towards developing and implementing sustainable educational programs, as well as expand their educational resources through networking and influence local/regional education policy.

Courses are designed with both education practitioners and policymakers in mind by focusing around various aspects within education ranging from educational leadership development to design thinking for education, curriculum development, and education within globalization. Students will also engage in reading and writing seminars specifically tailored around core theoretical principles, processes and practices within the scope of education.

Admission Requirements

Admission into AUW’s Graduate School of Education is highly competitive with a limited number of seats available. Thus, we request that all prospective students go through the admission requirements prior to starting the application.

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be eligible to apply to the MA in Education program:

  1. Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent, from a recognized university in a relevant academic discipline.
  2. CGPA of 3.0/4.0, or equivalent, in the Bachelor’s degree with full academic transcripts, as well as certificates of previous studies.
  3. Two Referees: You must have two confidential letters of recommendation submitted as part of your application, which emphasize your ability to conduct graduate-level work and your potential for a successful academic or professional career. The letters must be written in English by the appropriate faculty members, and sent via the online application system by the recommenders themselves. These submissions must be done in complete confidentiality and you must not be aware of the contents of the letters. In order to enable your recommenders to send in their letters, you need to register them in the relevant section of the online application form AND submit your application; they will not receive an email with a link to a recommendation form until after you have submitted your application. All recommendations must be received within one week of the date and time the application is submitted. Late references will not be considered.
  4. Statement of Purpose: Applicants are required to submit a 500-700 word Statement of Purpose which answers the following; 1) please explain why do you think this graduate program in Education fits your future goals and aspirations; 2) why have you chosen this particular program; 3) why do you think that you are a good fit for this program?
  5. Writing Sample: Essay: Applicants will need to submit a 650-700 word essay on an education-related subject. More details will be provided within the application itself.
  6. Proof of English Proficiency: As part of the application, you must submit proof of your English language proficiency in order for the university to assess your ability to keep up with graduate level coursework. Applicants may submit documentation showing any of the following:
    1. IELTS Score of minimum 6.5 (result must not be older than two years.
    2. TOEFL Score of minimum of 86 (Internet-based; not older than two years at the time of application).
    3. In the absence of the above language proficiency certificate, the institution will require shortlisted candidates to take an in-house English Language Testing exam to qualify.
Roshini e Omid: Empowering Afghan Girls Through Education

Roshini e Omid is an initiative taken by AUW’s MA in Education program to provide Afghan girls who have been out of school for several years with the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for future academic pursuits, particularly at AUW. Through this initiative, we aim to rekindle hope and aspiration among many Afghan girls, inspiring them to pursue their dreams despite the challenges posed by the current political situation.

As education beyond grade 7 became no longer possible for Afghan girls, Roshini e Omid became an important initiative, even if it only served a limited number of students. Initiated in 2023, the program began by focusing on the Kandahar region, carefully selecting 60 girls, primarily in grades 11 and 12. Some of these girls, despite a lack of formal education in the past two years, were automatically advanced to these grades. The girls were grouped into different categories, and each category had MA in Education students serving as instructors for different subjects.

The program spans a duration of three months and adheres to Afghanistan’s national curriculum encompassing subjects such as English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Biology, and Islamic studies. To equip the girls with essential skills, we also provide classes in ICT and English writing. In order to facilitate the successful completion of their classes, AUW has supplied the girls in Afghanistan with a wide range of technological equipment and additional support. Our students from MA in Education teach subjects based on their interests and expertise. With the exception of English, all subjects are taught in Dari/Persian. The goal is to support the girls in making significant academic progress. Upon successful completion of mid-term and final exams, they receive certificates that mark their achievements.

We take immense pride in the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated by both our Roshni e Omid students and our MA in Education students. Our MA students have skillfully guided the learning process, drawing upon the strategies and expertise gained through their own educational experiences at AUW. Prior to their program enrollment, our students participated in comprehensive orientation sessions, ensuring their adeptness with the various online learning tools at their disposal.

Since 2023, within a year, this program has received approximately 1,000 applications from Afghan girls. Looking ahead, we aim to sustain the program’s success by preparing current students for future AUW applications, necessitating additional support. As some MA in Education students complete their internships, we may require additional educators to continue this vital work. The Roshini e Omid program has made a promising start, offering Afghan girls deprived of formal education the opportunity to reconnect with learning. Our structured curriculum, dedicated teachers, and technological support have contributed to its success, and we are committed to expanding its impact in the future.

In-Service Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Asian University for Women (AUW) is developing an in-service residential one-year Master of Education (M.Ed.) course to offer high-quality hands-on training to outstanding female intermediate college teachers in Bangladesh. It will focus on pedagogical improvements; strategies for class management; improvement of English, Mathematics, and ICT skills; introduction to different methods of evidence-based learning (e.g., epidemiology); ethical reasoning; gender sensitivity; comparative religion; and mental health management. A series of master classes will be held on specific subjects that are taught in the intermediate (H.S.C.) curriculum. Alternatives to labs, new STEM methods will be explored. Also, short courses on management training of principals and selected members of the college management committee will be offered. This residential M.Ed. course is integrated into exclusive “Whole College Transformation Initiatives” through which AUW aims to bring in real improvements in teaching, learning, and college leadership and management practices in Bangladesh’s higher secondary education sector.

Master of Science in Apparel & Retail Management (to start in Fall 2023)

HSBC-AUW School of Apparel

Leading the Future of Fashion

The MS in Apparel and Retail Management program seeks to create a pool of expertly trained women from Bangladesh who will go on to manage local businesses. The program will build executive talent and enable enduring skill formation within the country while contributing towards the social goals of sustainability and women empowerment. Academic Excellence, Industry Relevance and Social Significance will be the defining features of the program and success will be measured in terms of number and quality of applicants, renowned faculty and curriculum, and full time graduate placements in leading RMG organizations.

The Program is designed and delivered in association with leading international Universities and Institutions renowned in the area of Fashion Management and Apparel Manufacturing education. Although RMG companies, including manufacturers, vendors, and global retailers, would be prospective recruiters of graduates, the knowledge and skills acquired would be transferable too other industries.

AUW’s mandate of women empowerment and leadership development through tertiary education has successfully provided a path for women from underserved communities to break cycles of adversity and oppression. Visionary in its approach to recruitment, the university specifically seeks out talented women often overlooked by society, including from refugee contexts, conflict zones, and from the factory floors in Bangladesh. In order to accommodate their educational and individual needs, AUW created a two-year pre-undergraduate program to prepare students to pass college-level requirements before moving on to the undergraduate program, giving special attention to mental health support, and English language instruction. Students enter into the pre-university or undergraduate program based on the results of the entrance exam.

The MS in Apparel and Retail Management becomes a logical progression for undergraduate students to be RMG sector ready in leadership positions, where they will have access to ample opportunities for growth, building financial independence, and where they can make decisions for the long-term development of both the business and local community.

For more information, please see the attached brochure:

MS Apparel and Retail Management Brochure


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