Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

AUW exists to overcome barriers that prevent women of uncommon ability and motivation from receiving a world-class education. Fee waivers and full and partial scholarships are available to all admitted students who demonstrate financial need. AUW waives ALL fees and covers all costs for students who are first in their family to enter university and those who enter Asian University for Women through Pathways for Promise program.

Currently 85% of AUW students receive scholarship support.

Admission Fee

Every admitted student is required to pay a one-time non-refundable admission fee amounting to US$600. The Financial Aid Committee may, at its discretion, decide to waive the admission fee on a case-by-case basis for students who demonstrate financial hardship or need.

One time payment
Admissions Fees USD $600
Caution Deposit* USD $200

Tuition & Student Life Fees

It costs US$15,000 to send a student for AUW for one year, irrespective of academic program. These fees include all tuition, room and board, books, course supplies, healthcare and student activities.

To be paid annually
Tuition USD $9,000
Books, Course Supplies, Student Activities USD $3,000
Room and Board* USD $3,000
Yearly Total USD $15,000
Annual Registration USD $600

*Students who choose to reside and take meals outside of AUW facilities will not be charged for room and board.


The AUW Finance Department will work with students to develop payment plans that are suitable to each student’s circumstances. Semester payment plans in which fees are payable in two equal installments on 15 August and 15 December of each year, are the most common.

Students are encouraged to pay tuition and fees by personal cheque, pay order, or bank/wire transfer*. Students must also notify the Finance Department of any direct deposit fees.

The Finance Department issues receipts for all payments. Students must maintain these receipts in case they require a refund in the future; please see our Refund Policy for more information.

Bank Name: Trust Bank Limited
Bank Address: CDA Avenue Branch, Chittagong
Account Number: 0020-0320000133
Swift Code: TTBLBDDH020
Routing Number: 240151485

Fine for Late Payment of Fees

Fine for late payment is imposed with the objective to set a discipline on the timely payment of tuition fee. CFO may on her/his discretion can waive the late fine of deserving students.

Rate of fine Effective date
NIL Paid on or before due date
Flat Fine of BDT 1,000 Up to 15 days delay from due date
Fine per month 2% on due amount in addition to flat fine of BDT 1,000. The day after last day of flat fine. (part of the month will be considered as full month)

Policy on Caution Deposit

Caution deposits will be requested at the time of initial registration at AUW. You should ensure that you obtain a receipt or proof of payment when you make the caution deposit. Caution deposit amount, if any, shall be refunded without interest, after adjustment of dues, if any, on graduation from the University. Caution deposit is adjustable against the following cases:

  1. Loss/Damage of Library books
  2. Loss/Damage of Laboratory equipment
  3. Technology facilities
  4. Loss /Damage of any other equipment or assets of the University
  5. outstanding tuition fees/ food bills, unadjusted loans and advances, or any other unsettled dues

Rate for Caution Deposit refund:  It will be paid at the same USD rate at which the caution deposit was paid by the student during admission. Process and procedure to receive your Caution deposit refund:

  1. Obtain clearance form from OSA and then obtain clearance from all concerned departments
  2. Once all clearances received, submit the caution deposit claim form with the receipt/proof of payment attached to the AUW Finance department to claim the Caution Deposit refund
  3. In case of local students, the amount will be paid only to the students own bank account or their parents/legal guardian’s account. In case of international students, it will be paid to their local bank account or by cash (as decided by the management), as outward remittance is not possible from Bangladesh.

Claims for Caution Deposit refunds have to be made within six months of graduation. The decision of AUW Management on refund of caution deposits is final and binding.