Center of Leadership and Professional Development

Center of Leadership and Professional Development

AUW is brimming with the next generation of Asian leaders.

In addition to a quality academic experience, students have access to a variety of resources to support their professional and academic development at AUW. The Center of Leadership and Professional Development (CLPD) is an innovative unit within AUW that works to prepare, equip, and network dynamic AUW students and graduates globally to achieve their career objectives.

Biannual newsletters are produced by CLPD to showcase various activities that we organize including: Company Presentations, Professional Development Workshops, Idea Competitions and much more.

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Services Offered by CLPD

Professional Development & Career Opportunities

In addition to being focused on providing an intellectually-stimulating and rigorous academic experience, Asian University for Women is also dedicated to preparing its students for life after graduation. Through CLPD, students will have opportunities to learn about and engage with various professional development schemes– from summer internships with private companies to skills workshops conducted by industry professionals. During the job or internship application process, CLPD also has resume and cover letter appoints available for students. Students may also have the opportunity to be paired with an individual mentor who is selected based on relevant personal and professional interests. Through this relationship, students can seek advice, tips, and positive support for their career goals from someone in the field. Because of this combination of internship experience, skills development, and personal mentorship, almost 75% of AUW graduates obtain a professional placement within 6 months of graduating.

Campus Recruiting & Communication

MetLife attended AUW Job Fair for a recruitment of AUW students in 2018.

Interested employers can source the talent of AUW students through the CLPD Job Portal, a job and internship database available to students. This system allows employers to post job and internship opportunities and manage their application process. Additionally, employers engage with the campus in a variety of ways to further increase awareness of jobs and internships and meet potential candidates, including:

  • Hosting Employer Networking and Information Sessions (Job Fairs for AUW students)
  • Collaborating on Academic Programs, Projects, or Research
  • Working with Student Groups
  • Conducting Focus Group Discussions

Many of these opportunities are highlighted in the CLPD Newsletter, distributed to students on a monthly basis. CLPD also regularly sends email alerts about job/internship, graduate school, and scholarship postings found online and personally facilitated by the department. Students can also stay up-to-date by following CLPDs Facebook page.


Internships are experiential learning, where students gain direct experience in a professional setting, allowing them to explore their career interests. Internships also open up opportunities for students to gain supervision and feedback from professionals in the field. Students are also able to gain credits for their internships.

“My internship [with L’Oréal] really advanced the vision that I have. At AUW, I always prioritized my academic career. I didn’t have a lot of direction. After the internship, there was a transition in my awareness of my academic skills and professional skills. The internship program helped to compliment my liberal arts knowledge. When I got into the office, I realized that the academic experience was really for me to define my values, what I would like my vision to be, and how I treat people. But the skills from [my internship] have really saved me in my professional life.” – Tien Nguyen, Vietnam, Class of 2017

“Our intern has been an exceptional intern, hardworking and dedicated, systematically taking initiative and looking for opportunities to contribute to APPRO’s work in a discreet yet highly effective manner.” – Ms. Lucile Martin, Grants and Communications Manager, Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO), Afghanistan

AUW encourages each student to complete at least 2 professional internships prior to the completion of her study at AUW.

Internship Period

Students may engage in internships:

  • During the Semester
  • Winter break (mid-Dec to early Jan)
  • Summer break (mid-May to mid-Aug)

To learn about the summer internships, please download our 2018 Summer Internship Report: 2018 Summer Internship Report For more information, please e-mail 

“Getting matched with a mentor who really inspires and motivates me to push further in my life is what I always wanted and my wish came true when AUW offered its first kind of mentorship program. This mentorship has really helped me to be more focused, confident, and most importantly, to take the rise to achieve what I believe in.” – Choney Dema, Bhutan, Class of 2018
“What made [my mentorship] experience so meaningful is the friendly relationship between me and my mentor. She is a great advisor and a problem solver as well.” – Muntasha Nahrin, Bangladesh, Class of 2019

Professional guidance is an essential part of a student’s exploration of career interests and future goals. Through the AUW Mentorship Program (AMP), students have the opportunity to be paired with an experienced individual in their industry of interest in experiential learning, professional skills development, and individualized coaching and networking.


For the Mentors

  1. To meet and interact with students who will be future women leaders;
  2. To share knowledge and professional experiences;
  3. To open professional and personal networks to students;
  4. To impart networking and communications skills to students; and
  5. To give career guidance.

For the Students

  1. To define career objectives from the knowledge and influence of the mentor;
  2. To gain first-hand knowledge about a specific industry/business;
  3. To develop networking skills and gain access to professional networks; and
  4. To be able to tap into an existing network(s) for personal and professional development.

Program Guidelines:

This program matches students with executives or high-level business professionals, the majority of whom are leaders themselves, based on preferences in a functional area, industry, geographic location, gender and other interests. Re-matching is allowed. To ensure a quality experience for both students and mentors, the AMP will provide workshops, training and additional support for participants throughout the program. For interest in becoming a Mentor for an AUW student, or other information regarding the Mentorship Program, please e-mail 

International Study Exchange

Studying Abroad

Asian University for Women’s (AUW) International Student Exchange program provides current AUW students with the opportunity to broaden their education at an overseas university as part of their degree and embark upon an international adventure, understanding an array of different cultural and community perspectives. AUW students can apply to a variety of different programs at our partner institutions for a semester or year of study, including Ewha Women’s University (South Korea), Sookmyung Women’s University (South Korea), Yonsei University (South Korea), University of Trento (Italy), Sciences Po (France), and University of Sussex (UK).

Studying at AUW

International undergraduate students from countries all over the world also have the unique opportunity to learn and participate in a cultural exchange at AUW in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Visiting students take part in a cultural exchange with more than 700 students from 15 different countries across Asia and the Middle East, immersing themselves in a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, leadership development, and real-world problem-solving in a global context. The AUW student body is unique in its passion for paying forward their education and giving back to the community. In addition to taking courses taught by diverse and distinguished faculty, visiting students will participate in a service component, either on the AUW campus or in the Chittagong community. These opportunities include, but are not limited to: peer tutoring Access Academy students in academic subjects ranging from English to Economics; working in various academic departments; participating in language circles or language partner programs, wherein students can exchange knowledge of native languages (there are more than 25 native languages represented at AUW); or being part of initiatives with student organizations to teach workshops in Chittagong neighborhoods. For information on the International Study Exchange program, please e-mail 

Graduate School

AUW alumnae continue their educational journey at a variety of institutions, both nationally and internationally. AUW graduates have pursued graduate programs at:

  • Oxford University (UK)
  • University of Sussex (UK)
  • Ewha Woman’s University (South Korea)
  • Ashoka University (India)
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  • United Nations University (Japan)
  • University of Trento (Italy)
  • Columbia University (United States)
  • Central European University (Hungary)
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (United States)

… among others! CLPD is well-equipped to assist students who would like to apply to graduate school. For further information, please e-mail 

AUW has partnered with universities for graduate programs and assists our students in obtaining scholarships. The scholarships are offered to only final year students of the current academic year.

Alumnae Engagement

AUW’s alumnae network spans across continents and industries but is tied together by each graduate’s commitment to innovating their chosen field. Wherever they end up, AUW graduates bring their unique knowledge, perspective, and ideas to the new setting. In return, the collective professional knowledge of the AUW alumnae network is incredibly diverse– alumnae pursue professional placements at private companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. CLPD helps to cultivate this AUW network for the benefit of students and alumnae by maintaining contact with alumnae, supporting them wherever possible, and accessing their support or networks to aid current students in their post-graduate endeavours. For more information, please e-mail AUW Alumnae can stay up-to-date with various opportunities through joining our LinkedIn Group.

Information For Employers
“[Our intern was] very responsible, and she worked according to our instructions given and delivered the tasks on time with good quality. She is also very cheerful and easy to communicate to. She seeks opportunities to learn and was able to ask sensible questions whenever she encountered difficulties. We had a very good experience working with her.” – Ms Cherrie Kok, Manager, Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), Hong Kong

The Center for Career Development is here to connect you with students and alumnae of Asian University for Women. The AUW student body is an extraordinary talent pool: our students have first-class academic training, entrepreneurial spirits, and unique world perspectives. We are inspired by their determination—and we think you will be, too. As an employer, CDIP will help you reach candidates who are the best fit for your organization. Jobs and internships can be easily posted on our Job Portal. You can manage your application process on this system, as well. Please note: all job and internship postings are subject to approval. AUW Policy and/or feedback from students about their experience will be considered in the approval process. For queries, please e-mail CLPD at  To increase awareness of your internship and job opportunities and meet potential candidates, we suggest that organizations:

  • Hold an Employer Networking & Information Session
  • Advertise to Students
  • Collaborate on Academic Programs, Projects, or Research Work
  • Work with Student Groups
  • Conduct Focus Group Discussions

To organize one of these activities and begin raising awareness, please e-mail 

Contact CDIP

Center for Career Development & International Programs Asian University for Women 20/G, M.M. Ali Road Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh Tel: +88 031-2854380-7 E-mail: 

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Thursday: 9:00 – 17:00 (closed on national holidays)