AUW faculty are competitively recruited from all over the world. They hold Ph.D. qualifications from institutions across Asia, Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. About 50% of AUW faculty are women. For more information, please contact faculty@auw.edu.bd 


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Student & Alumnae Stories

Saren Keang | Cambodia | Class of 2014

“At AUW, I learned to believe that my opinions matter and that I can do anything.”

Saren’s mother left school after the third grade to work in a grocery store. Her father left school after the sixth grade because of the Cambodian Civil War and genocide.

Saren’s father supported the family by making sugar from palm-tree fruits. After he became ill, Saren’s mother sold meat, vegetables, and cooking oil to support the family. Saren’s eldest sister was forced to drop out of school after fourth grade to support the family full time. Fearing a similar fate, Saren worked harder in school and eventually earned a full scholarship to study at AUW.

Thanks to the training she received in Access Academy, Saren overcame prior deficits in her secondary schooling and successfully graduated from AUW. Now she is pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Sustainable International Development and Coexistence & Conflict at Brandeis University in the United States with full scholarship support from Open Society Foundations.