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At AUW, students gain both breadth and depth of knowledge in a relevant, interdisciplinary field of choice. Through an American-style liberal arts and sciences curriculum, they learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and work intelligently to address the most pressing issues of the day with innovative and bold solutions.

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Yu War

Myanmar | Class of 2022

“The thing I love most about AUW so far is the education system, which is totally different than my country. There, all the kids and teachers only solved problems by memorizing the text and not trying to understand it. Here, I get to share my perspectives related to the topics that are given. I feel really great when I can share what I feel and try to solve the problems by myself. It is exciting and also challenging.”

“AUW has impressed me in many ways. I am happy I chose this place because it has helped me realize what I am capable of. I have discovered potential in me which previously remained hidden. It has also helped me realize the importance of being a woman and the capabilities one has as a woman. In the few weeks I have been here, it has helped me improve my learning ability, vocabulary, writing skills and speaking skills. At AUW, students recognize that brilliant students are not the ones who copy from the text but rather those who understand the concept and elaborate on their own.”