Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Academic Programs Does AUW Offer, and What is the Duration of Study at AUW?

AUW offers three distinct but integrated academic programs.

  1. An undergraduate program in the liberal arts and sciences with majors in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology; Computer Science, Economics; Environmental Sciences; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; and Public Health.
  1. Pathways for Promise: an intensive one-year English language program where students gain the academic competencies to succeed in AUW’s English-language curriculum. This preparatory program was initiated in 2016 to extend AUW’s reach into particularly marginalized populations.
  1. Access Academy: A foundation year of courses focused on English communication skills, critical thinking, and strategies for life-long learning. Students take courses in Language and Composition, Reading across Disciplines, World Civilizations, Geography, Computer Literacy, Calculus, Leadership Seminars and Karate. These courses prepare students to succeed in AUW’s rigorous liberal arts and sciences undergraduate program.

An AUW student enters directly into the undergraduate program or through either of the preparatory programs. A student entering through Pathways for Promise ordinarily requires five years to graduate. Those entering through Access Academy require four years of study. Those entering directly into the undergraduate program complete course requirements in three academic years plus two summers of coursework.

What Is The Cost of Studying at AUW?

It costs US$15,000 to send a student to AUW for one year, irrespective of the academic program. This amount includes all tuition, room and board, school supplies, travel to and from the University, and healthcare.

AUW has a student faculty ratio of 13:1 as opposed to much higher student-to-teacher ratios in the region. Our faculty are recruited from premier universities around the world; all of them have PhDs and years of teaching experience and receive competitive salaries.

AUW provides extensive English language support for our students at our Teaching and Learning Center that is staffed by qualified English writing specialists. The facilities in our current space are fully renovated and contain an IT lab with one computer for every two students, a library, gym and health and wellness center. 100 percent of a student’s tuition contributes to her personal educational needs.

Tuition $9,000
Books, Course Supplies, Student Activities $3,000
Room & Board* $3,000
Total per Year $15,000

*Students who choose to reside and take meals outside of AUW facilities will not be charged for room and board.

Does AUW Provide Scholarship Support?

AUW always adheres to “need blind” admissions practices. AUW seeks to attract women who show high potential, leadership qualities and strong motivation regardless of their economic background.  The majority of the women currently enrolled are on full scholarship although a small number of students are paying a partial fee.


What is the Language of Instruction at AUW?

AUW’s language of instruction is English.

FAQ for Hong Kong applicants

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