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Teaching Fellows


In light of looming uncertainties around the future of women’s education in Afghanistan, AUW aims to provide 500 new students from Afghanistan with a clear and fully funded path towards a university degree in the next several years.  By empowering 500 young women with the opportunity, leadership development, and academic training to enact their own visions, AUW believes this cohort will form a critical base for a future Afghanistan that will recognize women’s rights fully.

In preparation for the student body increase, AUW is eager to host recent graduates of liberal arts institutions as Teaching Fellows who will teach courses to newly enrolled students in AUW’s several preparatory programs, including these Afghan women.


There are three Pre-Undergraduate Programs that help prepare entering students for the rigorous academics of the AUW university program. The preparatory programs all serve young women primarily of ages 18-21 who are at various stages of preparedness for AUW’s English- medium, liberal arts and sciences undergraduate program. The General Studies program will be geared towards incoming students who have gaps in their secondary educations due to educational barriers and will focus on incoming Afghan students and the Rohingya refugee students in its initial years. The Pathways for Promise program similarly recruits students from garments factories in Bangladesh, strictly religious Madrasa schools, tea estate farming families in Sri Lanka, and other communities across Asia and the Middle East where education is more inaccessible for young women. Pathways for Promise bolsters students’ English, mathematics, computer science, and science skills. The Access Academy program serves as the most common entry point for AUW students and offers one year of preparation in critical and analytic skills before matriculation into the undergraduate program.  Teaching Fellows will work as instructors in English, mathematics, and/or computer science courses, likely in the Pathways for Promise program.

Teaching Fellows will report to the Teaching Fellow Site Director, under the direction of the Director of Pre-Undergraduate Programs.  The Coordinator will supervise a 4-week Orientation prior to the beginning of the academic year, where the Fellows will be introduced to the curriculum and teaching materials, and to practice teaching.  The TF Site Director will be a resource for the Fellows for program issues throughout the year.

In addition to teaching responsibilities, each Fellow will be asked to introduce an Extracurricular passion of their own on campus. AUW students have incredible drive to initiate, lead, and join extracurricular activities, and many have taken part in groups such as Chorus, Music Club, Sports, Film Club, Bicycle Club, Golf Club, The Echo (the online campus newspaper), the Sustainable Development Club, and many more.


Teaching Fellows will spend one year on campus at AUW in Chittagong, Bangladesh, beginning in mid-July 2024. Beyond joining the bustling and metropolitan port city, Teaching Fellows will become part of AUW’s strong community convening students, faculty, and staff from around the world. AUW’s current campus is located in the heart of Chittagong within walking distance of restaurants, cafes, worship spaces, and retail shops, and is easily accessible via bus, train, and plane.

Teaching Fellows will receive a stipend of US$1,000 per month for the twelve months they teach. AUW will provide Teaching Fellows accommodation in two furnished faculty apartment buildings that are not too far from the campus.  Scheduled free transportation is provided to and from these apartments and the AUW campuses.  In general, three Fellows will share an apartment, but will have private bedrooms and baths; there is a laundry facility in both buildings.  The only charge is a monthly fee for utilities and a common cleaning charge, which will be deducted from the monthly stipends.  In addition, Fellows have free access to campus dining halls.

Fellows will be able to immerse themselves in Bangladesh and surrounding regions on academic field trips and through other opportunities for development and travel. There may be opportunities to visit the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh; visit garments factories where AUW recruits students; see natural habitats of wildlife unique to the region; and learn about industry issues in Bangladesh. Chittagong is a highly populated city with considerable income inequity, and Fellows can expect an intense but deeply rewarding experience due to the teaching context and location. We seek Fellows who are eager to adapt and learn through the new experiences they meet at AUW.

In addition, we are exploring the possibility for those Fellows who are interested, in offering 3-week Internships between the Fall and Spring terms at a variety of governmental and non-profit organizations.  The AUW Board of Directors, the AUW Patrons, and other supporters of the University, past and present, are prominent leaders across the region and can open opportunities for the AUW Fellows.  We will explore options with interested Fellows who have been accepted into the program.

For more information, please visit the Teaching Fellows site at:

  • Teaching 15 contact hours per week from either
    • English (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking)
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science
  • Overseeing one extra-curricular activity each term
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Pre-Undergraduate Programs
Compensation and Benefits

These funded Fellowships include most of the expenses Fellows will incur during their year as an AUW Teaching Fellow.  They include round-trip airfare from their home to Chittagong. Fees for Fellows’ visas will also be reimbursed.  Fellows will receive a stipend of $1,000 per month, for twelve months, payable at the first of each month.  Health services will be covered.  Fellows will share fully furnished faculty apartments a short distance from the AUW campus.  These apartments are attractive, clean, and safe. Those Fellows who wish to eat at the AUW dining hall are welcome to do so; Fellows who wish to cook for themselves can do so in the kitchens of their apartments.

  • RT airfare to and from Chittagong
  • Visa fees
  • Stipend of $1,000, paid monthly, for 12 months
  • Health insurance/services
  • A shared furnished faculty apartment
  • Free access to dining halls
  • Orientation prior to the start of AUW

In addition, AUW is exploring the option for 3-week Internship between fall and spring terms with a governmental or prominent non-profit organizations.

Health and Safety

AUW takes very seriously the health and safety of all staff and students. There is an on-site Health & Wellness Center that cares for the medical and psychosocial needs of the entire university community. It is dedicated to creating and sustaining wellbeing in the community through its awareness programs, medical services, nursing care, and psychological counseling. There is no charge to the Fellows for care at the Center.

There are several hospitals in Chittagong.  E.g., nearby is Evercare Hospital Chattogram, one of a network of 30 hospitals in emerging markets that are part of UnitedHealthcare.

All Fellows will be covered by a health insurance plan with NOW Health International.  This insurance policy is in effect for all countries outside the United States.


The AUW campus is quite safe.  There are two academic buildings.  At one the Undergraduate classes are held, and the original AUW campus is site for the Pre-Undergraduate Program.   This campus at MM Ali Road is a gated community, with guards on duty and a security protocol in place.  The teacher apartments also have guards.

While being alert to your surroundings is always a good idea, most people enjoy the city of Chittagong, and especially in groups feel safe in exploring what it has to offer.  From the US Department of State’s website:  “In Bangladesh the crime rate impacting foreigners is generally low. However, travelers should be aware of petty crimes such as pickpocketing in crowded areas.”  They further list specific places, like the Chittagong Hill Tract region where Americans are not advised to go.  See their website for more details.

Transportation and Visas

AUW will purchase all airline tickets.  Fellows should work with AUW to identify appropriate flights to and from their homes.  Fellows who will start teaching for the fall term 2024 should arrive in Chittagong by end of July 2024.

Fellows will obtain their own visas, working with AUW to provide the needed documentation. For visas Fellows will need a letter from BIDA, a governmental agency, and an invitation letter from the university.   Fellows will be reimbursed the cost of the visa when they arrive in Chittagong.


AUW welcomes all recent college graduates with strong academic and extracurricular records who share an unmitigated passion for women’s education to apply to this program.

The candidates must be native-English speakers.

Candidates must complete the Teaching Fellow Application Form and participate in an informational interview.  Acceptance is on a rolling basis.

For further information contact Helen Claire Sievers at