Student Activities

Student Activities

The Speak Up Club at AUW host the first annual Women’s March through Chittagong to advocate for women’s rights.

Student life at AUW is as diverse and vibrant as the students themselves. With a variety of student organizations, athletics, and extra-curricular activities to get involved in, a student’s experience at AUW goes well beyond the classroom. Engage in thought-provoking discussion after a weekly TED Talk screening, learn a new traditional dance, or help organize the AUW Film Fest. While students share their stories and explore new interests—from golf to performing arts to Model United Nations and Student Government—AUW provides the resources, facilities, and expertise needed to enhance each student’s experience.

Meet Binita Jirel, AUW Student and Adventurer!

During UG3, Binita won a travel grant from Solo Travel Nepal to venture through Nepal on her own for two weeks. Conquering gender stereotypes, one trek at a time

Student Organizations

AUW students have passions and interests that go far beyond the classroom. Students have taken the initiative to start clubs in nearly every category, from music to charity to politics. With such a variety to choose from, you are sure to find your fit. If your hobby is not represented by an existing club, the Office of Student Activities (OSA) will help you create one.

Here is a sample of the clubs and organizations that AUW students have established:

Book Club
Travelture Club
Creativity Club
Leadership Club
Film Club
Speak Up Club
Martial Art Club
Public Health Club
Golf Club
Photography Club
IT Club
Entrepreneurship Club
Women Across Borders Club
Anthology Club
Debating Society
Model United Nations
Music Club
The Echo (online campus newspaper)
Japanese Circle Club
Youthmappers at AUW
We Squared Club

Sustainable Development Club

Animal Welfare Club
Beautician Club

Media Club

Ice Breaking Club

Cooking Club

Culinary Chef Club

Agricultural Club

English Speaking and Communication Club

Click here to download the OSA Student Club Handbook.

Work Study

The Office of Student Activities also manages the AUW Works Study Program. The AUW Work Study Program provides AUW students the opportunity to develop professional skills and earn wages while they are students on campus. This program also:

  • assists students in developing a positive attitude toward work
  • teaches students good work habits and time management skills
  • enhances students’ sense of responsibility
  • provides students with valuable learning experience while doing worthwhile work
  • meets the needs of the University in performing day-to-day operations

To be eligible for Work Study, a student must maintain good academic standing and must be a full-time undergraduate student (enrolled in at least three 4-credit courses each semester). Students facing academic actions such as Academic Probation will not be allowed to hold a work study position unless approved by the Director of Student Services.

Click here to access the Work Study Handbook and learn more.

Student Government

The AUW Student Government is composed of five class representatives and four executive board members consisting of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.


AUW Student Government (SG) represents and acts on behalf of the AUW student body to build a better community by creating a bridge of collaboration between the University administration and the student body, ensuring transparency and effectiveness of policies, and advocating for student voices.

To contact AUW Student Government, please send a message to