AUW Summer School

The AUW Summer School is a special opportunity for the talented students (SSC or HSC level). This program is committed to providing students with accelerated opportunities to explore a variety of curricular areas in science and mathematics. It makes learning an enjoyable activity by providing each student with an enriched learning experience. Also, it helps students build confidence, improve academic foundations and develop new skills outside the textbooks. In addition to hands-on learning experiences in challenging science and mathematics courses, students also enjoy outdoor escorted excursions and engage in multicultural social programs on AUW campus. The AUW Summer School offers the following wonderful opportunities to students:

  • Study and live on the world-class AUW campus and make friends from around the globe;
  • Build confidence and improve English language fluency and learn experimental science skills;
  • Develop investigative science skills exploring a range of academically challenging courses in a variety of disciplines taught by academics from prestigious top-ranked universities; Gain a practical and hands-on learning experience in laboratories; and
  • Expand on current studies and explore the beauty of a port city set amongst rolling green hills, ancient architecture and interesting religious sites.

The AUW Summer School 2023 offers courses in the following disciplines:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Coding, Public Health, and Environmental Science

Highly qualified foreign teachers from globally acclaimed institutions such as the University of Oxford, UK; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA; and Stanford University, USA will teach the students. Through innovative and effective learning methods and interacting in an international learning environment at AUW, students will develop new sets of skills for a better future. Also, students will get hands-on experience through a range of extra-curricular activities such as game-based learning, creative writing, performing arts, photography, sports etc. All these will help increase participating students’ self-confidence, subject-specific knowledge, and get prepared for the university level education through an intensive and interactive learning environment at AUW.

Students who are genuinely passionate for improving academic skills and social skills by means of international standard learning and thus aim to pursue higher studies in science are the best fit for the AUW Summer School program which will run through five weeks, from 4 July 3 August 2023. Upon successful completion of the program, participating students will get a Certificate of Merit from AUW. The top performing students will receive the Emerging Women Leader in STEM Award. HSC completed extraordinary performing students will be offered admission into AUW with full or partial scholarships.


The training will cost BDT 50,000/- per student which covers the tuition fees, room and board, course and book supplies and primary healthcare for the period of five weeks. Needs-based scholarship opportunities are available for covering food, accommodation and educational materials for outstanding female students who come from financially disadvantaged families or socio-economic backgrounds.

Class schedule

The daily class schedule includes four classes every day from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm with a lunch break and two tea breaks. The morning session includes two 90 minute classes and the afternoon session will similarly include two 90 minute classes. Students also have the opportunity to balance academic learning with extracurricular learning every day. Besides, this year workshops to enhance English-speaking skills will be organized if requested after 5:30 pm.


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AUW Summer School Team

Director: Dr. Selim Reza

Program Coordinators: Ms. Nujhat Jahan and Ms. Sumaya Halim


Contact information


Phone: +8801926673042, +8801926673026