Supporters & Partners

“When you try to treat just one issue — such as providing clean drinking water for a single community — it can get overwhelmed by all the other problems on the list: poverty, disease, violence, sanitation, and climate change. We need something to treat these problems across the board — a silver bullet. For me and many others, that silver bullet is women’s education.”

— Jack Meyer, Senior Managing Partner & CEO of Convexity Capital Management; Co-Founder of AUW; and Chairman Emeritus of AUW Support Foundation

Empowerment is the purpose. Partners are the fuel.

AUW is built on the belief that no population should have a monopoly on opportunity. Because of this commitment to equity in education, over 98% of the student body is on scholarship.

Our partners make this possible. 

Governments, foundations and corporations that are inspired by our mission provided seed funding and grant scholarships to deserving students.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ● The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation ● The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation ● The David and Lucile Packard Foundation ● The Rockefeller Foundation ● IKEA Foundation ● Victor and William Fung Foundation ● The U.S. Department of State ● Open Society Foundation



AUW is built on the belief that all people – rich or poor – are deserving of high-quality solutions to present problems.

Our partners make this possible. 

University partners exchange their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the globally competitive education provided by AUW.

Individuals and corporations offer their time, skills, insights and resources to ensure that we are able to offer the best opportunities to our students.

University of Sussex ● Ewha Womans University ● John Hopkins University

We are delighted to enter this unique partnership with AUW. Providing an equal playing field, and ensuring as wide as possible access to educatin, is something we care about passionately here at University of Sussex, and we are pleased to be building on this partnership through innovative collaboration with AUW.

— Professor Adam Tickell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sussex



AUW is built on the belief that women deserve to have equal access to professional success as men.

Our partners make this possible. 

Non-profits, and corporations who are convinced of the value women bring to professional spaces offer internships and opportunities for professional growth to AUW students, often alongside scholarships.

AIA ●  Marriott International ●  Tory Burch Hong Kong Ltd ● Mayer Brown Hong Kong ● L’Oréal

Li & Fung and the Victor and William Fung Foundation are proud to support AUW students and to nurture these leaders of tomorrow.  Over the past six years, we have benefited from having AUW students as interns. These young women see the world differently and have proven to be dynamic change-makers helping us unleash new ideas through their enthusiasm, versatility, and passion for making a difference.

— Zaid Hossain, General Manager – Human Resources, Li & Fung (Bangladesh) Limited

Public-Private Partnership Initiative

AUW has initiated a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative. In this framework, public and philanthropic support is channeled to finance the first three years of the five-year AUW program, and the last two years are funded by private corporations. These private companies also have the opportunity to provide internship and post-graduate job experiences to their scholarship recipients.

The basis of the PPP is a recognition that the initial three years of an AUW education must often make up for systemic deficits in the public education system in the region. This indicates a need for public and social investment. In contrast, by the time students have completed their third year, they will have already become focused on career goals and aspirations. By matching student career interest with local and multinational corporations that seek their diverse talents in staff positions, AUW plays an important role in deploying student talents in the most productive way. By partnering with AUW, corporations also have an opportunity to entice talented women from different backgrounds onto their staff.