Alumnae Information

Welcome back! Staying involved with AUW is a great way to show your continued support for women’s education and empowerment. Here are a few ways to stay connected:


Share Your Story

How did higher education change your life? AUW invites you to share your educational journey by writing to 



Stay connected to AUW and its future scholars by volunteering with AUW. You can volunteer by:

  • Working with the Office of Admissions to recruit future AUW students.
  • Organizing an Alumnae Event in your city to remain connected to your AUW classmates.
  • Becoming a mentor to current and future AUW students.


Make A Gift

Education at AUW is possible because of a global network of dedicated supporters. As an alumna, you have the opportunity to join this network and forever impact the lives of future AUW students. To give back to AUW, please visit our Give page.


Graduate Destination Survey

AUW Graduate Destination Survey Spring 2019

The World Bank is doing an economic analysis of AUW graduates using a relatively standard model.

AUW is proud of each and every one of you and we cheer and support you all during your fruitful and exciting life after university. We hope that you will continue to make AUW as much a part of your life as we make you a part of ours.

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