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Asian University for Women Announces 500 New Scholarships for the Students from Afghanistan 

Posted on April 17, 2022

Written by AUW

About the Scholarship

Asian University for Women (AUW) is announcing 500 more new  scholarships for the nationals of Afghanistan for its Fall 2022 Term that begins in September 2022.These scholarships are dedicated toward the women drawn from all the 34 provinces of Afghanistan across different ethnic backgrounds.  These special scholarships are earmarked only for Afghan nationals.  The scholarships cover five years of room, board, tuition,  primary health care,  costs of books and supplies, an on-campus work-study job intended to defray any incidental personal expenses and one round-trip ticket from Kabul to Chittagong, where AUW’s campus is located.  AUW seeks students who demonstrate strong academic records and potential as well as a commitment to service in the education and development of others in the community.  They will study at AUW, side-by-side with their sisters from 18 other countries,  including Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Palestine, Senegal, Syria and Yemen.

Meanwhile, AUW is happy to inform that more than 200 students from Afghanistan in the spring of 2022 were offered full scholarships and most of them have already started their classes at AUW University in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Why is AUW Different from Others?

AUW recognizes that proficiency in the English language is not a measure of anyone’s potential success as a student or, as a citizen.  Although the medium of instruction at AUW is in English, no incoming student should be inhibited to apply for admission to AUW because of inadequate prior exposure to English.  AUW offers a two-year academic bridge program in the English language and other academic skills that can prepare students to succeed adequately in the undergraduate program that follows. It is the young women’s motivation to learn and succeed that is the single biggest predictor of success.

Asian University for Women has recently introduced a upto three-year General Studies Program to provide more flexible preparatory support before continuing to the undergraduate program. This program allows greater elasticity for preparedness levels and will give special attention to mental health support for students from conflict and refugee contexts. In the first year, students will receive intensive English instruction and form an academic home base in small student groups. In the second year, students will undergo intensive college preparation in math, science, and academic English. International and accredited teachers will prepare students to pass college-level standardized requirements before moving on to the undergraduate program. We have 10 scholarships for the Kuchi community for this program.

Undergraduate Program & Majors Offered

AUW Scholarships cover costs of up to two years in the preparatory courses offered under the rubric of our Pathways for Promise and Access Academy as well as undergraduate programs in the following fields:

  • Environmental science (B.Sc.)
  • Public Health (B.Sc.)
  • Bioinformatics (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Science (B.Sc.)*
  • Economics (B.A.)
  • Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) (B.A.)

*to be offered from Fall 2023

Who can Apply?

AUW particularly welcomes students who would be the first in their family with to enter university.

AUW seeks students who demonstrate courage, empathy and outrage at injustice. It strongly encourages students from ethnic or religious minorities to apply.  At least ten scholarships out of the 500 allocated for Afghan nationals have been reserved for members of the Kuchi community.

All admitted students will be expected to commit to provide at least three years of public service either as teachers or in a similar vocation under AUW’s Women Teaching Women, Women Learning from Women program.

If you do not have a passport and can fulfill other eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to apply at this stage. However, if you are selected, you must apply for a passport and get one in order to be able to arrive at AUW in Bangladesh. A passport is mandatory for international travel.

P.S. Admission to AUW is subject to all relevant visa approvals and availability of travel arrangements.

Interested applicants can apply online by visiting our website , for any assistance to write to us in English at /

Last date to apply: 31st May 2022