General Studies

AUW is offering a new, two-year General Studies Program to provide more flexible preparatory support before continuing to the undergraduate program. This program allows greater elasticity for preparedness levels and will give special attention to mental health support for students from conflict and refugee contexts. In the first year, students will receive intensive English instruction and form an academic home base in small student groups. In the second year, students will undergo intensive college preparation in in math, science, and academic English. International and accredited teachers will prepare students to pass college-level standardized requirements before moving on to the undergraduate program.

Support for Education in Refugee Contexts

In light of growing displacement due to conflict in the present day – including the new uncertainties facing the future of women’s education in Afghanistan – AUW aims to support up to 500 new students from Afghanistan and other conflict regions to attend AUW on full scholarship over the next several years. The General Studies program will serve as an entry point for these incoming students to begin their journeys at AUW. By empowering young women with the opportunity, leadership development, and academic training to enact their own visions, AUW believes these new cohorts will form a critical base for their home communities and drive advancement in girls’ and women’s education across the region.

Teaching Fellowship

AUW is seeking recent college graduates to serve as Teaching Fellows in AUW’s General Studies program. A few Fellows may also be assigned to AUW’s two other preparatory programs, Pathways for Promise and Access Academy, which aim to develop skills in English literacy and speaking, critical thinking and analysis, and other subjects across STEM and the humanities before the undergraduate program. Fellows will teach courses in one chosen concentration:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

For questions, more information, and to inquire about applying, please reach out to Hildi Gabel at

Online application: Click HERE