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AUW Welcomes New Students
Chittagong, Bangaladesh
28, Aug, 2014

It’s back-to-school season in Chittagong, where AUW held its first day of fall classes on August 24th. Students enjoyed four days of orientation filled to the brim with department open houses, dormitory community building, course selections, and reunions with old friends.

This year, AUW welcomed 93 Access Academy students and 24 direct-entry undergraduate first-year students, joining peers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Vietnam. We are delighted to introduce you to some of these young women:

Azra Jawaid comes from Bihar, India, where she grew up speaking Hindi and Urdu with her mother, and absorbing a love of debate from her father. Her talents don’t stop at languages: Azra is a talented mathematician, having placed in the 95th percentile in math for all four years of high school, and coming in as the top ranked student in the subject in twelfth grade. In addition to studying math, which Azra says calls on her patience, concentration, and competitive nature, Azra is looking forward to studying science and art history at AUW. She is also already thinking about summer plans: for her, working overseas in a summer internship would be “a dream come true.”

Sumaiya Sharmin is a new Access Academy student who is excited to be pursuing an international education in her own hometown of Chittagong, Bangladesh. After hearing about AUW when she was in 8th grade, Sumaiya made it her goal to be able to enroll in the university and study biology, her passion inspired by her studies of Gregor Mendel. When Sumaiya travels to different parts of Bangladesh, the diversity of botany always catches her eye, and she sees herself earning a PhD in genetic engineering one day. For now, Sumaiya’s short-term goals at AUW are to learn new skills – she hopes to pick up guitar and basketball – and immerse herself in the diverse community. She said, “It’s important to feel as comfortable in a city bus as you do in a private car. That’s why I wanted to come to AUW: to learn about different people and to learn tolerance.”

For AUW, September marks the time for new beginnings and renewed resolutions. As our students eagerly start their first homework assignments and attend lectures with new professors, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that these students can enjoy their AUW education without the concerns of financial disadvantage. We are so grateful for your support of AUW students.