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7, Mar, 2017

“Interview with Cherie Blair (January 25, 2018)”

“Shiv Shankar vice chairman of AUW (November 6, 2017)”

“This University is Helping Garment Workers Become Factory Owners (October 6, 2017)”

“A university which empowers women (October 6, 2017)”

“These Young Women Want the Power Seat in the UN Security Council (October 1, 2017)”

AUW Trustee Professor Meredith Woo Inaugurated as President of Sweet Briar College (September 22, 2017)

“Educating a new generation of female leaders across Asia (August 29, 2017)”

“Why so few? Underrepresentation of women in tech (August 11, 2017)”

“Saren Keang: Fighting for women’s rights with every breath (August 7, 2017)”

“アジア女子大生が来日 母国の実情伝える 男社会、変える教育必要 (August 6, 2017)”

“BANGLADESH-JAPAN TRADE RELATIONS: The promise beyond tragedy (August 2, 2017)”

“AUW Holds 5th Commencement Ceremony (May 21, 2017)”

“Female leaders in Japan call for nation to empower women across Asia (April 7, 2017)”

“The Future is Female (Garment Workers) (March 7, 2017)”

“Forget the Slogan T-Shirt: Feminism is Educating Female Garment Workers (March 6, 2017)”

“Women Have Potential Beyond the Factory Floor: This Bangladeshi Initiative is Changing the Game (March 5, 2017)”

“Partners, Not Saviors: Pathways for Promise Promotes Change from Within (March 4, 2017)”

CBK joins Advisory Leadership of Regional University Empowering Women (March 1, 2017)

CBK joins Advisory Leadership of Regional University Empowering Women (March 1, 2017)

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“Empowering Young Women (February 27, 2017)”

“Trump versus Guterres; will the new president destroy the United Nations? (

“Asian University for Women and IKEA Foundation Celebrate Pathways for Promise — the World’s First Initiative for Ready-Made-Garments Workers to Attend University for Free (February 6, 2017)”

“MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Asian University for Women Expanding on Partnerships with Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, BRAC Afghanistan (January 26, 2017)”

“The University That’s Educating—and Empowering—Women from across Asia (January 25, 2017)”

“A Report on Women’s Universities from National Association of International Educators (January 11, 2017)” 

“New Program Gives Bangladesh Workers a Way Out (December 13, 2016)”

Interview with Nirmala Rao (November 10, 2016)

The Workers’ Revolution (November 4, 2016)

“‘A Photo Journey of Bangladesh through a Lankan and British Lens’ (September 30, 2016)”

“Internal promotion at Asian universities ‘works against women’ (July 30, 2016)”

“Transforming Asian Women into Future Leaders (June 7, 2016)” Written in Korean

“AUW alumna helps change the game for women in Computer Science (April 28, 2016)”

“Fashion’s deadliest disaster prompts Bangladeshi workers to opt for university (April 25, 2016)”

“AUW shows true leadership with scholarships for garment workers (April 4, 2016)”

“Dresses to degrees: university opens its doors to Bangladesh garment workers (March 28, 2016)”

“Dipu Moni elected AUW chairman (March 1, 2016)”

“My Heroes (January 27, 2016)”

“AUW offers free education to female RMG workers (January 25, 2016)”

“A School for Emerging Women Leaders: Interview with Kamal Ahmad of Asian University for Women (January 6, 2016)”

“A modern Afghan women does her best to help her country rise (October 10, 2015)”

“Empowerment 101: the Asian University for Women is educating an alumnae of game changers (October 4, 2015)”

“Nurturing women with leadership (September 9, 2015)”

“‘Stop asking only women to make compromises’ (September 8, 2015)”

“Education and Empowerment at the Asian University for Women (September 2, 2015)”

“Investing in Asia’s Future Female Leaders (August 30, 2015)”

“The Real Afghan Girl (July 31, 2015)”

“The Future of Women-Only Universities (November 13, 2014)”

“Hitachi to Sponsor the Hitachi Scholarship Program for the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh (October 8, 2014)”

“Hitachi Makes Donation to the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh (October 8, 2014)” [In Japanese]

“Hitachi Donates Scholarships to the Asian University for Women, Bangladesh (October 8, 2014)” [In Japanese]

“Empowering Asian Women through Education (September 13, 2014)”

“Educating Asian Women Paying off for Japan Inc. (May 12, 2014)

“Afghan Women Find Voice through Cricket (March 2, 2014)”

“Afghan delight: Small, but heartening (March 1, 2014)”

“Life in Bangladesh (December 25, 2013)”

“Women’s Institution: Malaysia has never hosted it before, says Rosmah (November 2, 2013)”

“Ewha University, AUW Work Together for Educating Talented Women in Asia (April 3, 2013)”

“Ewha signs agreement with Asian Women’s University in Bangladesh (April 2, 2013)”

“Economic Benefits of Educating Women (March 7, 2013)”

“Blair sees education as key to women’s success (February 1, 2013)”

“Nurturing Asia’s female leaders (January 14, 2013)”

“A New Year’s Resolution to Benefit the World: Education for Women (January 4, 2013)”

“University Caters to the Deprived (November 26, 2012)”

“A rare treat for theatre aficionados – A Midsummer Night’s Dream staged (November 11, 2012)”

“Zillur for utilising Asia’s potential with spirit of solidarity (October 16, 2012)

“Follow the Qatar Foundation’s lead (October 14, 2012)”

“Learning to Write and Learning to Learn: A year of teaching in Bangladesh (October 2, 2012)”

“YJ Kim interview with Maeil Business Newspaper (September 12, 2012)”

“Verveer launches political leadership forum at AUW (September 10, 2012)”

“The Department of State and the Asian University for Women Convene Inaugural Grassroots Women’s Political Leadership Forum (September 9, 2012)”

“PEA alums brings international education back home (August 8, 2012)”

“How Kritika went to the USA (August 3, 2012)”

“A Year in Bangladesh (Summer 2012; page 50-51)”

“The Female Factor: Success in a Land Known for Disasters (April 9, 2012)”

“AUW reviews academic activities, funding (April 2, 2012)”

“A visit to Asian University for Women (February 2012)”

“No Progress if women excluded: Blake (February 15, 2012)”

“Blake for women’s full participation in political, economic life (February 15, 2012)”

“Bangladesh a bridge between South and East Asia: Blake (February 16, 2012)”

“Women’s empowerment: one bright spot (January 15, 2012)”

“International Exchanges and the Women in Public Service Project (December 15, 2011)”

“Cherie Blair Fellowships for 10 AUW Students (December 9, 2011)”

“Bangladesh University Names 10 Fellowships in Rosmah’s Name,” (October 11, 2011)

“In Bangladesh, a New University Gives Women a Shot at Leadership,” by Shailaja Neelakantan, The Chronicle of Higher Education (June 5, 2011)

“PM wants women to raise voice,” (April 26, 2011)

“PM lay foundation of AUW permanent campus in Ctg today; urges all to help implement proposed women development policy,” UNB Connect (April 26, 2011)

“Cherie Blair calls on PM,” Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (April 25, 2011)

“PM to lay foundation of Asian University for Women tomorrow,”Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (April 25, 2011)

“How to give it: Kathy Matsui,” interview by Angus Watson, The Financial Times (March 28, 2011)

“Salute to heroes – and heroines,” by Marina Mahathir, The Star Online(March 16, 2011)

“Asian University for Women: a triumph of hope over despair,” by Dr. Amit Chakma, Globe and Mail (March 8, 2011)

“Bryn Mawr Delegation Finds Inspiration, Opportunity, and Plenty of Traffic in Bangladesh,” Bryn Mawr Now (February 24, 2011)

“Overcoming Challenges,” The Daily Star Campus (January 30, 2011)

“Women’s empowerment in Asia,” Asia One News (January 23, 2011)

“Prime Minister firm to ensure women’s empowerment,” The Daily Star (January 21, 2011)

“Cherie Blair AUW Chancellor,” The Daily Star (January 20, 2011)

“Home beckons Chakma,” London Free Press (January 14, 2011)

“Asian University for Women: Incubator for Future Women Leaders,” VOA Vietnam (December 6, 2010)

“Chevron Bangladesh Continues Its Support for Asian University for Women,” Energy Bangla (November 10, 2010)

“Educating Women,” Newsweek Education (September 13, 2010)

“Carnegie Mellon University’s iSTEP internship program makes mark in Bangladesh,” (August 9, 2010)

“Changing Mindsets,” China Daily (July 31, 2010)

“Graduation ceremony of AUW’s AA class of 2010,” Star Campus (July 25, 2010)

“Follow path of truth in facing challenges,” The Daily Star (July 18, 2010)

“DU, AUW to share academic activities,” The Financial Express (July 13, 2010)

“Università  dell’emancipazione,” Economica (June 2010)

“Condoleezza Rice and Cherie Blair: Changing the Face of Women’s Education in Asia,” PR Newswire (May 13, 2010)

“CMU teams for internship in Bangladesh,” Gulf Times (May 10, 2010)

“Kyouiku wo kakehashi ni [Education as a Bridge],” Tokyo shinbun (Apr 14, 2010) [In Japanese]

“For Dipak Jain life has transition from performance to purpose,” The Economic Times (Feb 19, 2010)

“Educate Girls, Eradicate Poverty — A Mutually Reinforcing Goal,” by Dr. Hoon Eng Khoo, UN Chronicle, 2010 Issue.

“AUW grooms women in Asia to become tomorrow’s leaders,” Kuwait Times (Feb 2, 2010)

“AUW a Window of Opportunity for Women: Blair,” Arab Times (Feb 1, 2010)

“AUW contributing to empowering women,” The Daily Star (January 11, 2010)

“Cherie honours 10 for leadership skills: AUW will help women face challenges,” The New Nation (January 10, 2010)

“Cherie Blair calls for investing in women’s education,” The Daily Star (January 10, 2010)

“Bangladesh: Cherie Blair Spends Busy Day in Chittagong, Launches Fellowship in AUW,” Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (January 10, 2010)

“Let voices of girls be heard through education,” The Daily Star (January 10, 2010)

“Cherie Blair hails Hasina for women empowerment,” The Daily Star (January 9, 2010)

“Presidential Visit to Bangladesh (continued) and to the United Arab Emirates,” blog by ICE President Jean Venables OBE (December 10, 2009)

“CCC, CDA assures support for developing AUW campus,” The Daily Star (December 6, 2009)

“FM assures Asian University for Women of govt support,” The Daily Star (December 3, 2009)

“Verveer lauds women’s integration into economy,” (November 11, 2009)

“Women’s Well of Wisdom,” Priya Kulagasaran, The Star (September 27, 2009)

“Asian University for Women Opens in Bangladesh,” Rawan Khalid, Kuwait Times (September 9, 2009) [PDF]

“AUW First Graduation,” Korshedul Alam Shamim, Dainik Purbokone (July 9, 2009)

“AUW First Graduation,” Hasan Akber, Dainik Azadi (July 9, 2009)

“AUW First Convocation Held,” Daily People’s View (July 9, 2009) 

“Mentoring Women,” Hemcchaya De, The Telegraph (July 9, 2009)

“Ewha in Nepal, Ewha in Bangladesh, Ewha in Korea, Ewha in Zambia,” Min Jin Lee, Chosun Ilbo (June 11, 2009)

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“Friends of AUW Japan ,” Hilary Wendel, Being A Broad (June 2009)

“Asian University for Women,” Chunichi Shinbun (June 8, 2009)

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“Women’s university in Bangladesh makes appeal for corporate support,” Natsuko Fukue, Japan Times (May 30, 2009)

“Super university for women takes place in Bangladesh,” Sarmad Qazi,Gulf Times (Apr. 18, 2009)

“President of Varsity to join AUW”, Sarmad Qaizi, Gulf Times (April 17, 2009)

“Corita Kent Lecture Series: Women and South Asian Art, lecture by Patricia Burson,” Dorchester Reporter (April 12, 2009)

“Education without Borders 2009: 3 days to make a world of difference”,The Daily Star, (April 12, 2009)

“Bangladesh bound: Family finds home half a world away: Parents to teach at new college”, David Pittman, ( March 17, 2009)

“Government to widen safety net in next budget” (New Age, March 9, 2009)

“American-style univ form Indian Women,” Sudakshina Ghosh, (Feb. 28, 2009)

“American-style univ form Indian Women,” Sudakshina Ghosh, (Feb. 28, 2009)

“Fresh Faces in the Asian University for Women”, The Daily Star (February 2/1/2009)

“Asian University for Women: A Center for Fostering Multiculturalism in Bangladesh,” Nur-E-Habiba, The Daily Star (Jan. 18, 2009)

“Asia University for Women: magic in the making,” Japan Times Online (Jan. 11, 2009)

“Grooming Women Leaders,” Star Weekend Magazine (Jan. 9, 2009)

Giving women the chance for leadership,” New Statesman (Jan. 8, 2009)

“Women’s University Extends Reach,” The South China Morning Post (Dec. 13, 2008) (Note: Requires subscription to SCMP)

“Torchbearer of change,” The Times of India (Oct. 26, 2008)

“AUW will inspire women for better education, hopes CA,” The Daily Independent Bangladesh (Oct. 22, 2008)

“Godspeed to AUW,” The Daily Star (Editorial, Oct. 20, 2008)

“Asian women look to Ctg for their lighthouse,” The Daily Star (Oct. 19, 2008)

“An Asian dream come true,” The Daily Star (Oct. 19, 2008)

“Asian University for Women in Bangladesh to Partner with Stanford University in U.S.,” Asian Tribune (Oct. 19, 2008)

“Higher edn, equal role in economy, politics a must,” The Daily Star (Oct. 18, 2008)

“Making a Difference in South Asia,” The Daily Star (Oct. 16, 2008)

“Int’l delegation arrives to celebrate launch of AUW,” The Daily Star (Oct. 16, 2008)

“Building a dream,” Smith Alumnae Quarterly (Fall 2008)

“The Education of Kamal Ahmad,” The Boston Globe (Sep 9, 2008)

“Asian University for Women: Where Diverse Cultures Meet,” Star Campus (May 11, 2008)

“University to Empower Asian Women Opens,” South China Morning Post (Apr 19, 2008)

“A Chance for Women to Play a Leading Role,” South China Morning Post (Apr 12, 2008)

“Nurturing Women To Take the Lead,” South China Morning Post (Apr 5, 2008)

“Moeen Meets Chairman of AUW Support Foundation,” The Daily Star (Oct 27, 2007)

“Bangla Varsity to Transform Women’s Education in Asia,” Khaleej Times (Aug 7, 2007)

“Moshe Safdie Comes to Chittagong,” Forum Magazine (July 2007)

“Bill Gates to Donate Tk 100 Crore,” The New Age (Dec 5, 2005)