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T.A.L.E. This Week: Special Double Presentation
Chittagong, Bangladesh
20, Feb, 2011


Journalist Misha Hussain discusses why he left behind the comfort of Europe to come back and work in his native Bangladesh. We follow Misha’s journey from Sylhet, Bangladesh to the east end of London where his family struggled like many other Bengalis to give him an education. However, like an increasing number of British-Bengalis, Misha decided to come back to Bangladesh after completing his studies, and more importantly to give back in an attempt to reverse the “brain drain.” In this TALE talk, Misha talks about the living in the west, the importance of knowledge sharing and capacity building, and why Bangladesh and many other South Asian countries need their students now more than ever before.

“Why tell the stories other people don’t tell?

Photojournalist Amy Helene Johansson worked as a fashion designer for a decade before becoming a photojournalist. Moving to Bangladesh in 2006 to work in the garment sector changed her life. She got to know a country so much more diverse than the media in Sweden had showed her, and she felt the urgency to show people Bangladesh through her eyes.

By showing images of her own as well as other female photographers’ work, Amy will also briefly talk about the advantages of being a woman in a male dominated business.

Date: 24 February, Thursday

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: 20G Cafe/G101