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10, Mar, 2018

Rejina Thapa

Hometown: Khotang, Nepal
Major: Public Health // Class of 2020

“AUW is not only providing me an education but also building leadership and confidence, leading me to the right path. Even if you know what your dream is, you need confidence to be a leader in society. AUW will equip me with these qualities so that I can conquer my dreams.”

Rejina is from Khotang, a small town in Eastern Nepal where she grew up with her parents and one younger sister. Her family has since moved to the capital city of Kathmandu, where her father works in a garment factory and her mother runs a small shop.

After fourth grade, Rejina’s family encountered financial problems and her father was forced to move her to a less expensive school in Kathmandu, which was not much more than a hut made entirely out of bamboo. The quality of education was low, but it was all that her family could afford. From 11th grade on, Rejina worked part-time as a tutor while completing her studies to help support her family. She also volunteered for an organization in Nepal called Little Sister’s Fund, which helps bring education to young underprivileged girls. It was through this organization that she learned of AUW.

Her parents were supportive of her decision to attend AUW, but because she is the eldest daughter and helped provide for their family, it was difficult for them to send her so far away. However, they understood the power of education to ensure a bright future for them all. Rejina says that people in Kathmandu are not as narrow minded as some other places, but that her hometown of Khotang is very underdeveloped and most women do not finish school. “People are suffering because of the lack of education.”

When Rejina graduates, she plans to return to Kathmandu to be with her family after being separated for so long. There she wants to become an entrepreneur, starting an enterprise to address social problems like access to health care and education in her hometown.

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