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12, Mar, 2018

Ayesha Abrar Nawshin

Hometown: Comilla, Bangladesh
Major: Politics, Philosophy & Economics // Class of 2021

Ayesha is from Comilla, a metropolitan city in Eastern Bangladesh, located along the Dhaka- Chittagong Highway. She grew up there with her parents and two younger sisters, both of whom still live at home. She is the eldest in her family, and the first to attend university.

Both of Ayesha’s parents are teachers, so Ayesha grew up living with them in the school dormitories provided to teachers and their families. She feels lucky to have grown up in an environment that placed a high value on education, and she excelled in school in Comilla. After grade seven, Ayesha received a full scholarship to the International Turkish Hope School, which is an English medium high school in Bangladesh.

Ayesha learned about AUW from her parents, who were both informed about the university through the schools they work for. From the time Ayesha entered high school, they encouraged her to pursue her education in an international environment at AUW.

“The typical education system in Bangladesh is so hectic. Only students who really excel and are successful receive any opportunities. AUW admission criteria wants students who have leadership, and my parents have always shaped me to be a leader. They wanted me to get out of my comfort zone, try something new and study with international students.”

Ayesha is now in Access Academy, and she intends to major in Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Though graduation is a few years off, she already has her sights set on attending graduate school abroad and gaining international work experience before returning to Bangladesh to make social changes. “Women in general in Bangladesh are confined, secluded in so many ways. The aim of AUW is to create women leaders. My current plan is to create an incubator that will open jobs for underprivileged women so that they can become independent. Most of the women in Bangladesh are dominated because they depend on their husbands or brothers or sons. If a woman is given the chance to prove herself, she can do everything that a man can and more.”

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