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Meet Aastha

9, Feb, 2018

Aastha Yadav

Hometown: Jharkhand, India
Major: Economics // Class of 2021

Aastha is from Jharkhand, India. Her father is a teacher and her mother stays at home with her two younger siblings who are both in secondary school. Growing up, Aastha excelled in high school where she focused on math and science. Her principle was the one to personally recommend that she apply for a scholarship at AUW.

Aastha eagerly applied, and when she was admitted both her family and other members of her community were very supportive of her decision to go to AUW, because they recognized her acceptance to university as a great achievement. However, she understands that many of her peers in Jharkhand do not have the same support to follow their dreams that she does.

Aastha is passionate about changing the mindset of her people in India. “Girls are only expected to work in the home, and not go outside. I want to change the mindset of people in Jharkhand after AUW, because every women has the right to an education.”

After graduation, Aastha intends to study for her masters in social development, and return back to India to work to advance women’s positions in the government. She believes that AUW has already begun to prepare her for her
future. “AUW educates women to be leaders for the future. They give us so many opportunities to uncover our talent; our professors are careful and give us confidence and opportunities. Our education is so good at developing leadership qualities for the future.”

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