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Marriott Executives Convene at Asian University for Women
Chittagong, Bangladesh
28, Feb, 2017

February 28, 2017, Chittagong, Bangladesh – Five executives of Marriott International-Asia Pacific convened at Asian University for Women (AUW) to engage with students and establish stronger ties between AUW and Marriott International.

Peggy Roe, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Marriott International-Asia Pacific and Director of AUW Support Foundation (Hong Kong), meets an AUW student.

In attendance of this visit were Peggy Roe, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Marriott International-Asia Pacific and Director of AUW Support Foundation (Hong Kong); Daphne Tan, Vice President, Head of Development Planning/Feasibility, and Owner of Franchise Relations at Marriott International-Asia Pacific; Jane Cai, Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility; Kriya Pillay, Director of Integration Change Management; and Kadambini Mittal, Regional Director of Global Sales at Marriot International in India and the Subcontinent. During their visit, these women leaders toured the AUW campus, attended a Political Science class, and met with students for whom they registered to be mentors. Kadambini Mittal also interviewed AUW students who have been shortlisted to participate in a select number of internships at Marriott International this summer.


Head of Development Planning/Feasibility and Owner Franchise Relations for Marriott International in Asia Pacific, Daphne Tan, meets her student mentee for the first time.

Near the end of their visit, Roe, Tan, Cai, and Pillay participated in a panel discussion entitled “Women in Corporate Leadership,” moderated by AUW Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs Dr. Rosie Bateson. Each of the Marriott representatives described their path to leadership in one of the world’s most successful hospitality companies. Much to the students’ surprise, none of these executives expected to become leaders in the hospitality and tourism industry.

“If you are in university and you ask yourself ‘what do I want to do?’ but you don’t have an answer, that is okay,” Dr. Bateson summarized. “Be open to opportunities and take advantage of them,” she advised.


Jane Cai, Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Corporate Social Responsibility, meets with two AUW students.

Peggy Roe advised students to pursue their interests without fear. “Weave your passion into what you do and you will be successful,” she said. “Even if you do not know what your passion is yet, it is more important to show that you are a passionate person.” Kriya Pillay added, “Boldness and courage are important, but you have to reflect once in a while. You might realize that your passion has changed, and that change is okay.”

This visit to AUW by senior Marriott International leaders indicates growing interest among private sector organizations to make greater long-term investments in women’s education, mentorship, and professional development in the Asia-Pacific region. Multinational corporations throughout the region have experienced profound growth in recent years, and this trajectory is expected to continue as the economies of developing Asian countries continue to grow.

To capitalize on this growth, it is essential for large multinational companies like Marriott International to invest in the people who are local to the communities where they operate, develop brand recognition among a growing Asian middle class, and ensure there is a pipeline of emerging leaders and professionals to support the company’s growth and success.

In addition to providing educational opportunities to deserving women throughout the region, AUW is building a talent pool of dynamic, skilled professionals who are prepared to work for large companies like Marriott International and aid in the growth of the regional economy.

AUW is grateful to Marriott International for providing one-on-one mentorships and summer internships to AUW students. As a leader in the hospitality and tourism industry, we hope Marriott International’s example will lead to more collaboration opportunities between AUW and the private sector.