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Bangladesh International Model UN Conference
Dhaka, Bangladesh
12, Dec, 2012

Six students from AUW attended the 2012 Bangladesh International Model United Nations conference, organized by UNYSAB (United Nations Youth Students Association of Bangladesh).  One student participant noted that the conference “allowed us to come together with other youths to draft a resolution for the world we dream to make.”  Model UN provides an opportunity for students to gain experience in public speaking, conflict resolution and negotiation, policy analysis and formation, and leadership development.  AUW’s students, with their extraordinary ability to envision a better world, also took it as a chance to glimpse the future.  One ModelUN2student told us: “Despite [the conference] not being the real thing, forget not that one day it will be us sitting in those seats in the UN, and realizing the world our young minds now dream of.”  The students performed admirably and gained AUW the honor of “Best University” at the conference.  AUW’s student representatives were Zyma Islam, Saraban Tahura, Shakila Bano, Marvah Shakib, Kamala K.C. and Fatima Sabri.  They were accompanied by Nicki Saroca, Associate Professor of Sociology at AUW.