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AUW Students Shine at the Girls Impact the World Film Festival
Boston, United States
23, Feb, 2013

Asian University for Women fourth year undergraduate student from Bangladesh Azmina Karim was awarded the People’s Choice Award for the Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2013, organized by Connecther and the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative. The award was presented by established executive producer Kim Moses at the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony on February 23rd at Harvard University, in Boston, USA. People from all over the world were invited to vote for their favorite film via Facebook and Twitter. The winner was chosen by the judges from the top films that had the most votes. The nine-member international Grand Jury included two Nobel laureates, Prof. Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh and Leymah Gbowee from Liberia.

Azmina Karim says her film Because I am a Girl on domestic violence “portrays that, if the violence is done by a husband to his wife, it is either resolved within the family or kept unresolved in the name of sanity of the relationship. In our society, it is taken for granted that women are subject to violence and they are expected to endure it with patience, and be mum… This is the time that we speak up about this violence even when it is done by our family member or the loved one.” After doing an internship with Waste Concern in Dhaka, Azmina, an ongoing and engaged change maker, is currently pursuing her research interests on waste management and social entrepreneurship, looking for innovative ways to tackle some of the most difficult challenges of our times.

In addition to Azmina Karim, four other AUW students, Drishya Gurung, Sharon Panackal, Sonia Shorif and Rasani Shrestha, participated in the Film Festival and all five made it to the top 15 in the popular choice.

Ms. Karim’s video as well as the ones from the other AUW students can be viewed online at: