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AUW Student Presents Paper at Asian Conference on Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
Osaka, Japan
10, May, 2013

AUW Professor Sharon Flicker and Loan Bui, a third-year student in Asian Studies, participated in the Third Asian Conference on Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (ACP) in Osaka, Japan in March 2013.  Their paper, entitled “The Relationship Between Analytic and Holistic Styles of Thinking and Forgiveness,” was the result of an independent research project conducted by Loan with the supervision and guidance of Professor Flicker.  Loan was a student in Professor Flicker’s Cultural Psychology class, and her interest in the subject grew into an independent study course conducted the following semester.

The theme of this year’s ACP conference, held from 28-31 March, was “Connectedness and Alienation: The 21st Century Enigma.”  Loan gave a 30-minute presentation about her project at the conference, and the resulting paper will be published in the conference journal later this year.  Loan said of her experience at the conference: “Giving a presentation at the ACP has been an amazing opportunities for me to challenge myself, learn how to give a professional presentation in an international forum as well as know a lot about great research that social scientists are conducting all over the world in the field of psychology.”